There are many details that go into planning a party. The last thing you need to worry about is bad entertainment. We offer professional, reliable, quality entertainment. We want you to be 100% satisfied. But even more than that, we want you to be delighted, so we give the following service guarantee to you.

You will receive a personal entertainment consultation carefully covering all the details of your party. This meeting is held at least one month prior to the event (not one or two days before). This allows us to organize and personalize your reception in advance and prevents the headaches of having to make last minute decisions at the reception. To ensure that no details are lost, we will help you fill out one of our party planners.

We are always available to discuss details of your event by telephone, email or fax. The week of your party we will check back with you for any last minute changes.

We will arrive on time. Whenever possible, our sound system will be set up and sound checked before guests arrive.

We will be properly attired.

We will act professionally. We do not drink alcohol or smoke. We treat you and your guests with professional courtesy. We keep objectionable song lyrics out of our music play list.

We only use professional and well-maintained sound equipment. Your party will NEVER have to end early due to equipment failure. Our high quality sound systems include the following professional brands, QSC & Crest amplifiers, American DJ and Citronic mixers, BST, Gemini, Denon dual CD players, Shure wireless microphones, MTX, Cerwin-Vega & Compact speakers. Through our sound processors and equalizers you can be assured that our sound system will be adjusted to the acoustics of the room. During cocktails and dinner we play music softly enough so your guests can carry on conversations without having to shout. Our main speakers are elevated on stands to project the sound above your guests, not into them.

We are available for overtime (at contracted overtime rate) if you decide you want the party to continue after contracted time.

We use performance evaluations to follow up on every event.

We are not the most expensive or least expensive DJ service in the area. We won’t compete on price. If you carefully evaluate us, you will find that we offer experience, pleasing personalities, professional music system, and an extensive music library with a high level of personal service. We strive to make each performance our best. Whether playing for a small backyard party, or a large formal gathering. We treat every event with the professional courtesy it deserves.

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